Let me introduce you to this cast of characters in my perfect life, from left to right: Konner- he plays guitar. Phillip- He plays drums, Robb- AKA: Hubs, he also plays drums and me-I’m the housewife. I play the radio and sing…badly. The two babies at the bottom are Ringo Star and Charlie Brown- they make me happy.

I love this picture. It’s all about how we want to look to the “outer world”.  I want you to believe that my family is this classy looking all the time. I want you to believe that my hair does this everyday, I want you to think my boys are smiling and happy and NEVER want to argue with their parents, I want you to believe that my dogs sit JUST LIKE THIS ALWAYS!!!!

I would hate for you to know that the candle on the table was never lit or that Phillip ALWAYS wears glasses or that the pants I have on are actually yoga pants and while we were in between takes I stepped on the bottom hem and because I had slick spanxs on underneath my pants came down and I gave the photographer a little show.

I would hate for you to know this about my perfect family.

I would hate for you to know when we wake up we have hair like thisIMG_0401

or when we sleep we catch flies like thisIMG_0406

and of course because we are perfect we could never let anyone know we take our kids to rock concerts, that’s just crazyIMG_1070I would especially hate if you thought my dogs don’t sit perfectly all the time.IMG_0020


Boy, I’m just glad that what you know about my family is this….IMG_0109

Perfectly Yours,

The Housewife

Inner Peace

Hubs and I have always dreamed of moving out of the city to a nice quiet place in the country. We wanted to have a place our boys could rome and discover and experiment and enjoy.

Several years we looked but nothing was quite what we wanted. It was just a feeling that there was something that fit us better.

As we drove to a friends home we found the perfect spot. It was beautiful, on top of a hill with views like none we had ever seen. It had a cute little white farmhouse on it that was a little dated and looked like it needed some work but nothing major. The yard had tons of flowers and looked as though it had been loved very much at one time.

Unfortunetly it was not for sale. After inquiring more from our friend she told us that this place had been for sale several months previous but she had not seen any signs up for a while and assumed someone had bought it.

The good thing was we decided this was the area we liked and we got a hold of a realtor to help in our search. We looked at several pieces of land, we drove from one side of town to the other, down yonder, in the holler, over the fields to grandmother’s house, wait! What?!

Anyway, after many weeks of looking Hubs mentions to our realtor the piece of land we loved. She knew who it belonged to so she inquired and come to find out it was taken off the market “just because.” They were still interested in selling the place and we knew we were supposed to have it. After many months of weird negotiations (which is another story!!!) we got our farm.

It does have a lot of work but going out there makes my heart peaceful. I love the sounds, the smells and the general energy that comes from being out there. I hope some of these pics make you feel the same way. Enjoy!

Our little Farm House


The Old Barn at Sunset
The sunsets are gorgeous at the Farm
The sunsets are gorgeous at the Farm


First Timer

I’m so excited. Today is the the day. I have thought about this for many years but something held me back. 
Was it my lack of confidence? NO. Was it that I didnt have anything to say? NOPE. Was it that I thought nobody would care? Nada.
It was my lack of IT experience AKA: Not knowing how to create a folder on my desktop, AKA: not knowing how to get a picture uploaded, downloaded or sideloaded. AKA: I’m a techtard.
But Today I stood up, I wouldn’t back down, I battled the long hard fight with all of the technical demons. I WOULD NOT LET THEM WIN!!!!!! 
So…   I turned the computer part over to my husband. I will write and take pics and then I get to tell my hubs what to do with those things. (I’m sure literally and figuratively at points in our blogging relationship). 
I’m very grateful to get to put all my thoughts out in the universe and I only hope that someone relates to and enjoys them!!!!

Yours Truly,

Excited Housewife!!!!