The Concert Experience

My kids have been to a few concerts but nothing that they were INCREDIBLY excited about…until NOW! We got to go see Halestorm, which is Phillips favorite band and the drummer is his idol. Needless to say he was very excited. Now, I love this band  so I too was excited and we decided we were… Read More »


Yep, we homeschool. Nope, I don’t wear skirts or jumpers….EVER. Yes, I have taught my children at home since Kindergarten or kindigarten, or kindergarden….since the beginning. No, I am not doing it for religious reasons. Yes, I give my children a choice every year of going to public school or staying home. I do however… Read More »


I was reading an article today about the struggles that the “pioneer” home schoolers went through to become law abiding citizens. You see, not very many years ago (I think that because I was a middle schooler at the time), home schooling was illegal. The article itself was interesting but nothing I would forward to anyone.… Read More »


I can’t possibly explain to you how much I love music. Music falls in my lineage of love right after my family. I could listen to all genres of music at least for a little while. Rock is my all time favorite and I love all of it except scream-o. I think there is absolutely… Read More »


Let me introduce you to this cast of characters in my perfect life, from left to right: Konner- he plays guitar. Phillip- He plays drums, Robb- AKA: Hubs, he also plays drums and me-I’m the housewife. I play the radio and sing…badly. The two babies at the bottom are Ringo Star and Charlie Brown- they… Read More »

Inner Peace

Hubs and I have always dreamed of moving out of the city to a nice quiet place in the country. We wanted to have a place our boys could roam and discover and experiment and enjoy. Several years we looked but nothing was quite what we wanted. It was just a feeling that there was… Read More »

First Timer

I’m so excited. Today is the the day. I have thought about this for many years but something held me back.  Was it my lack of confidence? NO. Was it that I didnt have anything to say? NOPE. Was it that I thought nobody would care? Nada. It was my lack of IT experience AKA:… Read More »